Ontario has new funding for students in health related programs

New grant money is directed at nursing, paramedic or medical laboratory technologist programs where students agree to work in underserviced communities after their graduation

Ontario is providing additional funding to help students in health related education programs to continue their studies and stay in the North.

The program — the Learn and Stay Grant — is directed at eligible nursing, paramedic or medical laboratory technologist programs where students agree to stay in underserviced communities to work after graduation. The 170523_LG_Health_Education_Grantsprogram is designed to encourage students to learn and stay locally, helping to bring in-demand health care workers to communities that need them most across the province, said a news release. 

The new funding applies to students attending community colleges in Sudbury, North Bay, Timmins, Sault Ste. Marie, Haileybury and Kirkland Lake among others.

“Applications are now open for the Learn and Stay grant, marking an exciting milestone in our government’s plan to deliver more convenient and connected care for people in every corner of the province,” said Jill Dunlop, Ontario Minister of Colleges and Universities. The program was announced Tuesday. 

“This grant is a win-win for postsecondary students and communities across Ontario, ensuring our future health care workers get the world-class training they need to give a much-needed boost to local health care facilities in the communities that need it most.”

Health minister Sylvia Jones said the plan is to improve the level of health related services in smaller and remote communities

“We know the status quo isn’t working and moving forward with bold initiatives like these to add more health care professionals in Ontario will benefit in rural and remote communities especially,” said Jones.

“Opening applications for the expanded program to offer grants to nursing and two additional health care roles in high demand will help ensure that Ontarians, no matter the size of their community, will receive the care they need closer to home.”

Grant applications for the 2023-24 academic year are now open for postsecondary students who enrol in their first year in the following programs and regions:

-Nursing programs in northern, eastern and southwestern Ontario.

-Medical laboratory technologist/medical laboratory sciences programs in Northern and southwestern Ontario.

-Paramedic programs in Northern Ontario.


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