An answer to our troubled health system

To truly reform our health system, we must transform the way our healthcare is delivered. And the answer, according to the Minister for Health, lies in embracing digital health technology.

But investment and understanding in digital health has to go beyond electronic medical records and data sharing and create fresh reimbursement pathways for new, evidence-based digital health products and services which improve patient outcomes and quality of life.

The federal Health minister’s announcements in the recent federal budget to ‘level up’ our digital health infrastructure pose a long-overdue, clear and present danger to the inertia that has plagued Australia’s healthcare system for decades.

Bronwyn Le Grice
Bronwyn Le Grice

This inertia has resulted in key challenges for our healthcare system, including overrun hospitals, inequity for First Nations Australians, accessibility for rural and remote populations, outdated digital infrastructure, and the need to create a system within Medicare that incentivises new ways to care

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