MDH CEO critical of Graham Health System’s ‘predator approach’

Canton-based Graham Health System will soon open a $3 million medical clinic in Macomb. That’s not sitting well with the long-time Macomb-based health provider, McDonough District Hospital.

The matter came to a head at this month’s McDonough County Board meeting. The board voted twelve-to-seven against a resolution of consent for a bond issue by Graham.

Background on the bond issue

Graham will be issuing tax-exempt bonds through the City of Canton, payable from Graham’s revenues.

Graham Health System President and CEO Bob Senneff said the resolution allowed for an issue of up to $15 million, but the hospital will only be borrowing $12 million. He said the entire bond will be purchased by Commerce Bank.

Most of the bond money will be spent in Fulton County, but some of it is also targeted for projects in McDonough and Knox counties. In such cases, state law requires the consent of the

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