ZOZOSUIT: A Marvel-style body scanner to track your health

Imagine a Marvel-style body scanner that examines your body in such detail that it can produce a 3D computerized model to track your health. ZOZO, a Japan-based tech company, actually built one to facilitate a data-led, personalized approach to body wellness — ZOZOFIT. ZOZOFIT’s 3D scanning technology offers a detailed and visually striking way for users to gain a holistic understanding of their bodies, enabling them to track changes over time and set targets to maintain their own personal goals.

ZOZOFIT is the next-gen solution in biohacking, aimed at enhancing users’ understanding of how their bodies change over time. With ZOZOFIT’s unique technology, users can gain a comprehensive understanding of their physical selves, empowering them to make informed decisions towards achieving their fitness and health goals.


The rise of wearable tech

The wearable tech market exploded onto the scene in recent years fueled by advancements in miniaturization, battery life,

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