Labour would shift focus of health funding to primary care, says Wes Streeting

General practice nurse with young boy

As reported by The Independent, a Labour government would over time shift the focus of health spending towards primary care, according to the shadow health secretary

Wes Streeting criticised the way “we underinvest in primary care, community services, mental health, diagnostics and capital”, insisting “we have got to shift that focus”.

The shadow health secretary said leaders of NHS trusts recognise that the pressure in hospitals is “in part driven by the clogged front door of the NHS” and by the late discharges in social care.

He said Labour was also looking at a “number of things” in relation to prevention measures and promised to go further than the government on smoking and vaping.

Streeting made the comments on the BBC’s Sunday With Laura Kuenssberg programme and ahead of Sir Keir Starmer’s speech this past Monday, in which the Labour leader outlined his vision for modernising the

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