Eight out of 10 adults support ban on advertising junk food to children | UK News

Eight out of 10 adults support a ban on advertising unhealthy food to children on TV and online, new research has found.

A YouGov survey of more than 2,000 people for the Obesity Health Alliance (OHA) revealed that 79% support a TV ban of unhealthy food adverts aimed at children, while 81% said the same about online ads.

Around 68% would support food firms being taxed for unhealthy foods if the money was spent on children’s health programmes.

The poll also revealed that 79% think the government should be doing more to make sure healthy foods are affordable during the cost of living crisis.

While 77% think the cash raised by the current sugar tax on soft drinks should be used directly to fund programmes aimed at improving children’s health.

‘Deeply concerned’

The OHA said there is “serious risk of illnesses” linked to obesity and said it is

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