Northern Ireland news: Mental health strategy, economic growth and dentist cuts | UTV

Mental health strategy

The 10-year mental health strategy is at risk without sustained investment according to the latest audit office report.

Mental health problems here are around 25% higher than in England with one in five people affected. An extra £190m pounds every year would be needed to bring funding levels into line with the rest of the UK.


A major drive for economic growth over the next 10 years will be launched in Westminster by Trade NI. They’ll suggest that reform of the public sector and better ground and air connections are a blueprint for a more prosperous economy.

Meanwhile, the Ulster University Economic Policy Centre is now predicting a resilient economic performance but low growth – and this may mean Northern Ireland avoids a recession.

Dentist’s warning

The British Dental Association has warned that planned cuts will “take a wrecking ball to NHS dentistry here.”


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