Can Frozen Food Be Made Healthy By Reheating It

Can Frozen Food Be Made Healthy By Reheating it? Here’s What One Should Know

The convenience of frozen food is something which we can’t deny. Frozen food  offers a quick solution for our busy schedules.“While frozen items can remain safe after expiry date, their quality may have deteriorated. Furthermore, look for any ripped packing. If the packaging is torn, punctured, or damaged in any way, it can lead to freezer burn or contamination,” said Dr Edwina Raj, Head of Services, Clinic Nutrition and Dietetics, Aster CMI Hospital. 

Freezer burn occurs when meals are exposed to air in the freezer, resulting in dehydration and the development of dry, discoloured, and often rough or unpleasant-textured regions. As per, Dr Raj, freezer burn is one of the most common difficulties with frozen meals.  However, questions often arise about the nutritional value of frozen food, especially when reheated.  

Factors Influencing Nutritional Value

Initial Nutrient Content

The nutritional quality of frozen food largely depends on its initial nutrient content

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