Dr Michael Mosley recommends six foods to add to your shopping list

With conflicting health advice ringing in your ears and the prices of groceries continuously rising, it can be difficult to put together the right shopping list.

Fortunately, Dr Michael Mosley has explained what foods you should keep in your shopping basket and which should be left on the shelves.

Certain food choices can boost your intake of essential nutrients and even improve your sleep, while other popular choices will offer no benefit and only keep you wanting more.

Dr Mosley appeared on ITV’s Loose Women on Monday and went through the panel’s typical shopping baskets, picking out items they should keep and groceries they should ditch.

The health guru recommended adding salmon, full-fat Greek yoghurt, mustard, sourdough bread, pears and eggs to your shopping basket.

He explained salmon is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, like other foods in the Mediterranean diet such as olive oil and nuts. The

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