Key to Health System Success: An Entrepreneurial Mindset

One top takeaway from a recent conference focused on the need for health systems—not just startups—to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset. “The path to growth will be a roller coaster. Stay the course,” panelists encouraged.

Yet for many health system leaders, making the move to a more modern approach to risk-taking puts them in unfamiliar territory. For these leaders, gaining increased comfort with risk comes with tying risk to mission. However, patient safety should never be placed at risk. Leaders need to embrace risk in terms of how their organizations provide high-quality care to their patients.

Outsourced, remote and tech-enabled care can expand the guardrails of patient safety by applying new modalities that support limited bedside care resources while enhancing access for people beyond the four walls of a facility.

Why risk readiness is a new core competency  

As health systems navigate resource constraints and cost challenges in a

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