Body Image: Why Is It Important and How to Improve My Body Image

At the outset of every year, we are bombarded with the words “New Year, New You!” calling to us from all directions, from billboards, magazine covers, social media and TV commercials. Now, as spring approaches, this is a great time to reevaluate your goals and behaviors and perhaps make some changes to your routine in the pursuit of personal improvement – no matter what that means to you.

Mixed race woman massaging her face and looking at a mirror

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But, the underlying message is that the current you is somehow not acceptable or is falling short of some ideal for which we should all be striving. There is a subtle danger there, as it can lead to a never-ending pursuit of an unattainable and constantly shifting objective. Let’s face it – very few of us have any chance of looking like the models who appear beside those supposedly motivational messages. Perhaps most importantly, the constant striving for an unattainable

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