Setting Realistic Health Goals

It’s finally 2021. And with every New Year comes resolutions and goals for the year ahead. But do you know how to set an achievable goal for you or your family?

A pair of female feet on a bathroom scale

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I recently asked a teenage patient what goals they would like to work on and got the response: “to lose weight.” It’s not an uncommon goal, but unfortunately it’s also not a realistic way to approach said goal. So we continued to dive into this during our visit.

I asked questions like: What specific steps would you have to take to lose weight? What do we feel is manageable at this time? Why is this goal important to you? What are realistic and age-appropriate weight-loss goals?

It’s important to note that sometimes in a child or teen, weight maintenance alone is an appropriate goal. I find that those who make broad goals and then don’t achieve

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