Sir Keir unveils plan to make NHS ‘fit for the future’ but ignores funding gap

LABOUR leader Sir Keir Starmer set out the party’s vague mission to create an NHS “fit for the future” today, but failed to commit to more funding for the service.

In his speech in Braintree, Essex, Sir Keir revealed new targets for ambulance response times, cancer diagnosis and cutting deaths from cardiovascular disease.

He said: “We will fix the NHS. We will reform the NHS. Old values, new opportunities.

“An NHS, not just off its knees, but running confidently towards the future.”

Sir Keir proposed a shift towards more community-based mental healthcare to reduce the burden on hospitals, with a pledge to recruit 8,500 new staff and ensure treatment is available in less than a month.

But he refused to say whether Labour would back its commitments by investing more in the NHS than the current government, insisting that funding was “important” but that “it’s not all about money.”

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