Key healthy foods to add into your diet for naturally glowing skin

This kind of approach to skincare sounds right up our street

New data from beauty and wellness marketplace, Fresha, has shed light on a remarkable surge in global online searches for ‘glowy skin’.

Since the phenomenon, dubbed the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic, has captivated audiences worldwide, celebrities such as Hailey Bieber, Kylie Jenner, and Victoria Beckham have showcased a much more natural look on social media.

According to findings, online searches for ‘glowy skin’ skyrocketed by 178% globally over the past seven days.

This was marked by a surge in TikTok content under the hashtag #cleangirl, amassing a staggering 61 million views from users in the UK and Ireland alone over the past month. 

This trend, characterised by its emphasis on minimalist beauty and natural radiance, has ignited a movement centered around achieving flawless, dewy skin.

The allure of the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic is down to its simplicity,

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