The Right Balance of Conversational AI and Human Support Makes the Most Impact on Health System Patients, Staff and Business

Patients call for a wide variety of reasons. Some just want to know where they should park when they arrive for a doctor’s appointment. Others may have complicated medical questions or issues with their bills, either of which can make callers frustrated and anxious.

To ensure a positive experience, health systems strive to handle patient calls with a balance of compassion and efficiency. However, balance is increasingly difficult to find as patient access contact centers and switchboards face the same critical staffing challenges as other hospital departments.

Turnover and burnout among patient access contact center staff not only raise the cost of recruiting and training. They also endanger the quality of the patient experience, as the remaining staff must manage a heavier volume of calls. When inbound calls exceed available agents, staff have less time to handle more complex requests. Stress levels rise as the call queue fills up with

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