World first for implementing The Butterfly Approach to support dementia care in hospital

By Catalina Guran

For seniors living with dementia, a hospital stay to treat an illness or injury can be difficult, resulting in responsive behaviours that can impact their care experience. Five years ago, William Osler Health System (Osler) set out to change that, blazing a new trail for dementia care within an acute care hospital environment.

In February 2023, Osler’s Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE) Unit at Brampton Civic Hospital was Accredited with Level 1 Distinction by the United Kingdom-based consultancy, Meaningful Care Matters (MCM) – its highest designation. Osler’s ACE unit is the first acute care health system in the world to successfully implement The Butterfly ApproachTM in a hospital setting.

Developed by MCM, The Butterfly Approach is an emotion-based, person-centred model of care for patients living with dementia that recognizes a patient’s emotional needs are just as important as their physical needs. While the ground-breaking program

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