“Where the Mind Goes, the Body Follows” Vegan Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals His Perception of Unhealthy Foods

Former bodybuilding champion Arnold Schwarzenegger has spent his time eating a vegan diet for the last few years. For Arnold, health always comes first, and he would do anything to ensure he leads a healthy life. An inspiration to many, Schwarzenegger shares his health tips with his fellow village members through his newsletter. 

In his recent newsletter, Arnold writes about the perception of unhealthy food and how it affects our health. Before Arnold could share his input on unhealthy foods, he asked his followers, how does one know when a food is healthy? He says it is when you and your mind believe it is. 

In a recent study, participants were asked to consume a high-fat and high-sugar milkshake, or a low-fat, low-sugar milkshake, or water. After this, everyone’s flow-mediated dilation (FMD), which is a marker of endothelial function related to cardiovascular disease was tested. The test was conducted

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