“Where the Mind Goes, the Body Follows” Vegan Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals His Perception of Unhealthy Foods

Former bodybuilding champion Arnold Schwarzenegger has spent his time eating a vegan diet for the last few years. For Arnold, health always comes first, and he would do anything to ensure he leads a healthy life. An inspiration to many, Schwarzenegger shares his health tips with his fellow village members through his newsletter. 

In his recent newsletter, Arnold writes about the perception of unhealthy food and how it affects our health. Before Arnold could share his input on unhealthy foods, he asked his followers, how does one know when a food is healthy? He says it is when you and your mind believe it is. 

In a recent study, participants were asked to consume a high-fat and high-sugar milkshake, or a low-fat, low-sugar milkshake, or water. After this, everyone’s flow-mediated dilation (FMD), which is a marker of endothelial function related to cardiovascular disease was tested. The test was conducted to see if the arteries affected the health of the participants after consuming various drinks. 

“Where the mind goes, the body follows.”

Although, what was most interesting in this study as cited by Arnold was that both the milkshakes given were the same. However,  participants who believed they were drinking a healthier version didn’t experience a negative effect on FMD function. While those who drank the high-fat, high-sugar drink experienced worsened FMD compared to the low-fat, low-sugar consumption.

Research suggests that your perception of the “healthiness” of food influences how your body reacts to it.  

Therefore, Arnold points out that, it is our perception that concludes what is healthy for our body and what is not. This is known as the “nocebo effect.”  This can affect physical health by focusing on negative expectations.

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In conclusion, the study found that in participants who thought the milkshake was healthier even though they were drinking a high-fat, high-sugar milkshake, their arterial function were similar to drinking water. Arnold, however, points out that this does not mean one should consume milkshakes daily. This could impact your health negatively. 

Thus, Arnold suggests building eating habits that help you prevent your mind from damaging your body. Arnold concludes that “perception is reality.”

Not Keto not Mediterranean but this is what the world’s favorite bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger diet looks like

Arnold Schwarzenegger never eases up his diet plans as nutrition directly impacts his physique. The fan-favorite bodybuilder overhauled his diet plan as he shifted from his bodybuilding stint to the political arena. Contrary to fans’ expectations, the star opted for a wholesome vegan diet plan for the same.

Though the Austrian Oak retained his occasional indulgence for a slab of steak, he dabbled with consuming a variety of plant-based protein sources like fruits and veggies. Noted for having a true-cut physique during the golden era of bodybuilding, this wasn’t always his diet of choice. 

Schwarzenegger was at the pinnacle of his career and has won 7 winning streaks with Mr Olympia, a feat that necessitates serious dedication. In terms of switching to plant sources, the Terminator reckoned it helped to bring down cholesterol levels. 

Having been born with a congenital heart disease, he has gone under the knife thrice. Transitioning to an 80% plant-based diet would mean maintaining a healthy heart. The star had a diet rich in animal protein back in the day like tuna, egg, and cooked chicken breast. 

But after switching to a vegan plan, he mostly included lentil soup, burgers, oatmeal, granola, and salad. The plan was to have a healthy routine so occasional cheat days wouldn’t be a trouble.

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